Stephen Tornero + Patron Saint

Stephen Tornero + Patron Saint


When Oliver Architecture reached out to Gallery 202 for a textile artist, we knew Stephen Tornero was the perfect artisan to execute the vision.


Patron Saint + Oliver Architecture + Gallery 202 + Stephen Tornero 

The ceiling for Patron Saint, is a collaboration between Gallery 202, Oliver Architecture, and Ohio textile artist Stephen Tornero.

Patron Saint’s owner Marie Artale wanted to bring the Amalfi Coast to Cleveland, and in particular, the serene experience of dining along the coast under the canopies. Oliver Architecture was tasked with helping her bring this concept to life and knew the canopy element needed to make an impact. They reached out to Gallery 202 in search of a local artist that could help them create this element.  After an introductory meeting between textile artist Stephen Tornero and Heather Ruwe from Oliver Architecture, a plan was created for a woven ceiling element that would bring texture and depth to the space while complimenting the colors and aesthetic of the restaurant.

The textiles for the ceiling were woven in Canton, Ohio, on a Macomber 10-harness loom. The cotton yarns for the piece were sourced from spinning mills in the United States and Canada, and were chosen to create the cascading texture and colors in the ceiling.

The actual weaving of the panels took about 7 months.  Each panel was wound onto the loom, woven, and then finished separately to prepare them to hang in the ceiling. 

This project represents the collaboration between local artisans, designers and entrepreneurs to provide a welcoming atmosphere to share food and friendship. 

Patron Saint is located in the historic Vitrolite Building in Ohio City

2915 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113


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